Effective performance reviews for a labour intensive workforce

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The most successful labour intensive businesses take a multipronged approach to managing their teams. Certainly, from an employees’ perspective, it makes sense that they will happier, more productive and stay working for your company longer, if the employer has good working practices.

A company that encourages Continuing Professional Development (CPD), pays fairly and gives employees a good working environment, are at the top of the list for places to work.

Preparing for a successful performance review

A key element of developing and maintaining good relations is quality one-on-one time with individual team members. We recommend quarterly (at very least, half yearly) individual performance reviews. These meetings should be a two-way communication process, structured to gauge soft skills as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), allowing both parties to give feedback on a range of topics.

Preparation is key to successful performance reviews, collate important information ahead of meetings including KPI figures, such as sales statistics, client / customer retention, services and retail figures to name just a few.

Standardise meetings to set a familiar theme, this helps employees feel confident as they prepare for their review (you will get more from your employee in the meeting if they are comfortable).

Armed with the hard facts, you can prepare for general feedback; review a range of soft skills, allowing you to give positive responses for things well done, as well as guidance and recognition where applicable.

Remember when delivering your meeting:

  • 55% of what we say is body language
  • 38% tonality
  • And only 7% are the words used!

Meetings should take place in private to help achieve the most positive results.

Performance review key points:

  • prepare well
  • share only relevant information
  • be positive
  • listen
  • give clear feedback
  • seek feedback
  • work to resolve conflict
  • give recognition and guidance for both facts and soft skills
  • smile
  • set clear goals, definitive timelines and state the rewards for achievements.

Use technology to help build your team culture

In the following weeks celebrate achievements and milestones with the team to help build and maintain a stronger team culture. Simplify feedback and communication by using Loop Employee Dashboard to share individual performance data, overview team progress and show personal rewards earned such as commissions and bonuses.

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