Technology in the Workplace

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With more and more people using technology within their businesses, labour intensive businesses are seeing the advantages of using everyday digital tools as well as specific POSS software; mainly in these key areas:

  • Customer data management
  • Analysis and reports
  • Human Resources, HR
  • Communicating directly with team members
  • Marketing

Loop HR software is designed to help create a secure business structure and provide tools to better manage employee performance and overall financial clarity.

Specifically for the sales sector, e.g. labour intensive hair and beauty salons, estate agents and sales reps, in fact anyone who is selling and uses their sales figures as a driving force in business.

Step by step onboarding for new recruits makes it quick and easy to create employee profiles; helping you keep on track with all the processes of inducting a new team member.

Managing sales data is easy, as is managing attendance data; Loops 360 approach to communicating key data clearly gives guidance, yet shifts the focus of accountability fairly with the employee or sales person.

Technology helps organise your business and save you time and effort. Loop HR software, in particular, connects individual performance to salaries, commissions and bonuses. Special holiday payments are built into payroll reports, holiday allowance calculations for new, part-time and leavers; secure document storage (for contracts and employee correspondence).

Loop’s dynamic business forecasting gives you salary, commission and bonus calculators with tools for analysis and communication, all designed to help you connect with your team and drive the business. Additional tools help ensure financial success such as the Pricelist Creator and Retail Margin calculators.

The Employee Dashboard helps keep your team informed, inspired and rewarded as they track personal and team progress against targets. Team members see bonuses and commissions earned in real time; they request holiday leave and keep track of holiday days taken via their Dashboard. Sick leave notifications, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are tracked as is overall performance levels.

For you the system reports give instant access to a variety of analysis showing historical data, staff performance, appraisal reports, company performance and global forecasting.

Loop HR software is simple to set up and easy to use, it is cloud based making it accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, either from a computer, tablet or any mobile device.

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