HR reporting software for hair & beauty businesses

Today’s salon business is as much about efficiency and productivity as it is about the client experience and technical ability, which is why it’s important to use the right tools for the right job!

Loop HR does everything a regular HR system does PLUS salon specific HR tasks!

Salon management tools to save you time

Whether you’re scheduling salon rotas, calculating holiday allowances or analysing the team’s performance, our reports give you the information you need to grow your business. Easy to access on the go, our real-time information and reports help you nurture and manage your most valuable asset. Your team.

Save time and stress by keeping track on what’s working and where there’s room for improvement anytime from anywhere.

Peace of mind is knowing your people management systems are safe, secure and all in one place.


Instant free access

Financial reporting

A range of reports help you quickly identify key information relating to individual and business performance.

Our unique dynamic reports help you and your salon team track essential information, presented in easy-to-read reports:

  • Employee sales against targets.
  • Employee KPI reporting.
  • Quarterly progress performance.
  • Financial reporting for the salon with Period and Year-end comparisons.
  • Payroll reports calculate commissions, bonuses, overtime, holiday commissions & deductions.
  • Salaries versus costs per employee.
  • National Minimum and Living Wage compliance.
  • Holiday allowances and balances
  • Sick and absences
  • Scheduled hours, time and attendance

43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week compared to only 18% of employees with low engagement.

– Towers Watson

Centralised reporting

Keep your team on track

Forget juggling salon rotas on spreadsheets and pinning them to the staff room notice board.

Loop HR loves the tasks you hate! Quickly organise work rotas, assign paid tasks and manage overtime on a centralised calendar easily viewed by everyone on any mobile device, from home or in salon.

Pay, commissions and targets

With Loop HR scheduling you can generate precise, individual financial targets, and forecast salon sales instantly.

Quickly find individual and salon reports for service and retail targets, commissions and sales performance.

Payroll reports at your fingertips

Time and attendance work schedules feed directly into our payroll reporting, so you can easily review and approve paid hours, view commissions, bonuses, overtime, deductions and holiday commissions before sending your payroll report to your payroll provider.

Holiday and absence reports

Salon employee holidays are not so easy to manage as there are many elements to consider that normal holiday software cannot cope with. With Loop HR you can calculate and manage annual leave for all salon employees:

  • Set employee allowances once in their profile (using hours or days)
  • Auto calculate allowances for starters and leavers and for part-timers.
  • Auto calculate accrued holidays for paid-by-the-hour workers.
  • Managers approve/decline or adjust holiday requests.
  • Employees and management can leave notes on individual holiday requests.
  • Reports show all approved and taken holidays, and holiday balances.
  • Export employee holiday data including notes.
  • Admins can block-out dates where holidays are not allowed to be requested.
  • Easily manage employee requests to cancel an approved holiday.
  • For employees earning variable pay (commissions/bonuses) Loop HR will auto-calculate Holiday Commissions.

Sickness & absences 

Employees can make a sick notification. The notification will feed through to employee sickness records, schedules and reports for payroll and compliance. Our reports ensure you quickly identify negative absence trends and tackle the root cause before it’s too late.

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