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Organise Your Salon Team

Paper-free, with everything in one place, you can easily share the right information.

Salon Team Rewards

Easily organise salon pay systems, team bonuses & retail commissions for each team member!

Salon Payroll Systems

Set up your salon payroll system using a simple step-by-step process - completed in minutes not hours!

Salon Holiday Management

Find everything you need to manage staff holidays, from allowances to commissions.

Spend More Time Managing Things That Matter

and less time stressing about administration!

Process wages and commissions in minutes

Salon Pay Structures, Commissions & Payroll

Staff self service holiday requests

Employee Self-service Tools: Holiday Sickness etc.

Share your library of company policies and training opportunities

Share Company Policies Procedures & Contracts

Five Star Reviews From Our Fabulous Loop HR Users!


We were spending at least 3 days processing wages and commission. With the help of Loop HR that has now reduced to 2 hours. For us that’s incredible!

- Barrie Stephen


Loop pays back tenfold with time saved whilst building team trust and accurately communicating in many areas, for example payroll, holidays, rota’s and important shared documents.
- John Roads


I cannot believe how slick and user friendly this system is. It cuts down so much admin time. It’s easy for the team to access and view commissions, upcoming training dates and PDR’s.

- Laini McCune

Business Support Services with Loop HR Software

You're not alone with Loop HR Support!

Loop HR offers more than just HR software; we deliver a comprehensive support system for hair and beauty professionals.

  • Free Support - Loop HR subscribers have access to free Live Chat, the Knowledge Base, Loop HR School and YouTube video support. 
  • Loop HR Club - Dedicated business support and access to a wealth of knowledge & management expertise for only £97 FIND OUT MORE
  • Salon Pay Structure Masterclass - The fastest way to transform your salon management systems, one month programme bespoke to your needs £1499 FIND OUT MORE

How We Work

Start with a discovery call to decide if Loop HR is the right solution for you. If it is, we’ll have your HR systems up and running in just 30 days!

1. Book a Free Discovery Call: Start with a no-obligation Zoom call to explore how Loop HR fits your business needs.

2. All systems go: Once you decide to proceed, we get to work on building your HR systems.

3. Personalised Set Up Over 4 Weeks: Through 4 one-on-one online sessions, we tailor-make your business systems, covering everything you need to manage your salon HR, from business structure to employee engagement and compliance.

4. Complete Transformation in 30 Days: Your salon's HR systems are fully operational in just one month.

Loop HR Pricing

Onetime Setup Fee: £499   Loop HR Subscription: First month FREE then starts at just £99 per month for up to 10 users.

Go to Pricing to see your personalised monthly subscription rate.

About Ian Egerton & Loop HR

At the head of Loop HR is Ian Egerton, a former salon owner turned visionary software creator. It all began when Ian was juggling his roles as a hairdresser and manager, he recognised the need to simplify business processes. Years later, the result, Loop HR, a beacon of clarity in an industry filled with complex management processes.

To achieve our vision, we developed technology that uses the best salon management strategies, crafted from our deep understanding of salon leadership.  We're more than just HR software; we deliver a comprehensive support system for hair and beauty professionals. Want to know more? Book a free, no obligation discovery call.

Creator of Loop HR, Ian Egerton

Creator of Loop HR, Ian Egerton

How often do I have to update salon data?


You will need to ensure work schedules are up to date and sales data is added each week. This provides Loop HR with the information required to produce the reports and feed back to you and your salon team showing progress against individual and team targets.

How do salon owners pay their employees?


Through Loop HR, salon owners can easily pay their employees as our HR software does all the calculating for you. At the end of each pay period, Loop HR will create a payroll report for you. Simply send this data to your payroll provider and your employees will be paid the correct amount.

How can I calculate sick pay for salon employees?


Calculating employee sick pay can be confusing and difficult. Make your life easier with Loop HR management systems which will calculate employee sick pay for you.

Do you offer staff holiday management software?


Yes, Loop HR management software includes features which allow you to schedule your team rotas and factor in staff holidays.  You can use the system to approve or decline holiday requests, track holiday allowances and much more.  You can even manage holiday commissions via Loop HR Payroll.

Does my HR software package include support?


Yes, you’ll have several support options, including Loop HR School, the Knowledge Base and Live Chat. For more personalised business support rather than tech support we offer Loop HR Club. Discover more under Business Support page).

What is absenteeism?


Absenteeism is when an employee continually doesn't show up for work.  It can be hard to catch this when you don't have the right HR management systems in place. With Loop HR employee management software, salon owners can reduce absenteeism as our systems record what days employees are off sick and for what reason.

If you notice a pattern, e.g. an employee is always "sick" on a Saturday, you may want to raise that with your employee. Through this, employees can be held accountable and it can help reduce absenteeism.

What is the best salon commission structure?


It's no secret that rewarding the right behaviours with commission helps promote best practice and profits from your employees.  However, there needs to be an appropriate salon commission structure in place. As a salon owner, this can be time consuming to figure out alongside your other responsibilities.

Loop HR management systems suggest financial forecasts for you including drivers such as commissions and bonuses. All pay levels and incentives can be seen before allocation to demonstrate the forecast income and costs at every level of performance. Our HR software system ensures that every calculation is considered and accurate; meaning that whatever model you choose, you have peace of mind and security knowing that the data is consistent and correct.

What is the best pay structure to use for my salon?


At Loop HR, we've spent years developing tools to simplify HR tasks - including salon specific pay systems. We understand that there are many employment models and that business owners want their pay system to be fair and flexible. Through Loop HR management systems, we can do just that! Our software has suggested financial forecasts that include different pay structures so that you can choose the ones that work best for you and your salon.