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Simple, intuitive HR software connecting your people, to your business

Your team are likely the most valuable asset to your business, looking after your team on human level is one challenge; managing their paperwork, salary commissions and bonuses, sales performance, recoding time off and collating data for reviews, can be time consuming and, at times, overwhelming to manage. With Loop HR Software you have everything you need to manage your HR processes and tools to engage with your entire team; for better communication, understanding and improved performance. There is nothing to install, and you can start using Loop right now.

Onboard new team members easily and with confidence

An easy onboarding experience for you and your new employees. Secure all HR data and documents in one place, set a pay structure, give targets and present a professional image of your business, for the best start to a new career with you.

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Salaries commissions and bonuses

Every team member needs a goal to work towards and reason to achieve it. Build a robust salary and commission structure with Loop’s Performance Based Pay and Commission systems. Fully costed with financial targets and bonuses to incentivise maximum performance. Employees use their own Dashboard to track progress and see bonuses and commissions accrue in real time.

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Employee Dashboard

Loop brings together all employee data, emergency contacts, bank details and other essential information into a single, secure location and notifies you when something is updated. For your team, their Dashboard is the go-to place to track progress, make holiday requests, report sickness or absence, track attendance and see their own and everyone else’s sales performance.

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Easily manage attendance, time off and holidays for your entire team

Loop will handle all you employee holiday requests, tell you who has had how many days, show allowance balances and give your managers the power to authorise or decline requests easily and professionally. Also see attendance patterns and auto-collate any attendance code for a quick overview of all team members.

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Employee performance reviews, recognition and reward

Loop’s 360 approach to management means not only do you have easy to use tools to manage data, but sales results are fed back to your team via their own Dashboard; helping keep your team engaged between reviews. Loop’s review features compare individual targets and goals and combine facts, figures and soft skills. Helping you give guidance and recognition, and keep employees focused, results orientated and happy.

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Peace of mind knowing you are compliant with minimum wage levels, also knowing precisely how each team member is contributing to your business help you focus on big picture. Plan for specific growth and make informed decisions based on real facts with Loop’s reporting.

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Our Vision

Our vision is simple, to provide the most effective and best value HR software for small and medium-sized businesses, where employees are the greatest asset.


Lulu Simmons

Elements Hair & Beauty Lifestyle, Oxted

“Loop HR software has made managing staff performance and payroll much easier! Our team are able to see at any time what they will be earning, what their targets and bonuses are, as well as track holidays and progress throughout the month as a team.”

Karen Daines

Barnetts Hairdressing, Skipton

“I love Loop, I rely on it totally, I don’t have to think about anything relating to numbers, the information is always there when I need it. The performance pay system works really well for me and my team. The reports are clear and I can easily compare lots of different figures it’s fabulous. Wouldn’t want to run my salons without it!”

Kell Skött

Kell Skött Haircare, London

“The Loop system has made my life so much easier, and I am so much more confident when recruiting people now, knowing that what I am offering is fair and works both ways.”