Salon Pay Structure Masterclass

Transform your salon pay structure with expert help!

Are you looking for better ways to incentivise and reward your team and new ways to manage your salon pay structures? If so this salon pay structure masterclass is for you! Taking you from chaos to clarity in just a few days. You’ll work directly with Ian Egerton to refine your salon pay structures. Using Loop HR software as the foundation, our work will include salon pay structures, salary packages, employee career progression, performance management, goal setting strategies and more.

The programme is broken down into two sessions over a month-long period. Beginning with a comprehensive workshop to understand your needs and explore the best options for management and your team. Backed by unlimited support throughout and month and beyond the programme.

Gina Conway says "I am so pleased I found Ian and Loop HR. Ian really helped us restructure our pay system, as we needed a simple, time-saving, and flexible structure for all of our different team levels. So smart and clever, this system is a must for any hair or beauty salon owner." Gina Conway Salons, Wimbledon & Poole.

Start your journey today, Salon Pay Structure Masterclass £1,499 (plus Loop HR subscription).

What to expect?

We start with a discovery call, then assuming you're good to go, you can expect a mix of learning new strategies and building your salary packages:

  • Salary Options: Compare different salary structures side-by-side, ensuring you reward the right behaviours to develop your salon culture you want.
  • Employee Benefits Package: A unique approach to employee remuneration with options to reward loyalty and build retention.
  • Target and Goal Setting: Choose from a range of metrics, focusing on clear measurable outcomes, specific to desired outcomes.
  • Advanced KPI Tools: Drive business growth with a range of inclusive performance indicators, presented to drive behaviours that matter to you.
  • Team and Individual Incentives: Motivate your team with a mix of short, medium- and long-term rewards.
  • Career Progression Mapping: Support your employees' growth within your salon. Our Career Progression Mapping tool will allow you set realistic goals over meaningful time periods to incentivise performance.

Very quickly you’ll have the best salary structures supported by the best salon HR systems. Book a discovery call to find out more!


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