Salon Pay Structure Workshop

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Review & Rebuild Your Salon Pay Structure

 If you need results now, it may be time for a pay structure review and rebuild. This service from the Loop HR team costs £799 +  VAT.

Work with salon pay systems expert Ian Egerton to review and rebuild your salon pay structure! Create your ideal team, build the perfect pay system, set employee targets, forecast sales income, and build a career progression plan to help grow your business - all in a day!

If you are like most salon owners, you probably inherited your pay system from the previous place of employment or from the person you bought the salon from.  Now you need ideas on how to improve your pay system and employee performance.

During the one-day session, we will work together to review and rebuild your pay structure.  We will create multiple pay options for your business and set employee targets that align with your sales income goals. You will gain a better understanding of how different pay types can impact salon culture and how to simplify your Payroll processes.  Additionally, we will help you determine the perfect number of team members, at different skill levels, for the revenue you want to produce.

We understand that this may sound like a lot of work, but we promise to make it as easy and straightforward as possible. Ahead of the day, we will send you some questions to answer to help us better understand your business needs. After the event, we will be available to answer any questions you may have and help you transition your business to your new pay structure.

Why Attend Our Pay Structure Workshop?

Working with us for one day is perfect for you if:

  • You want to review and rebuild your salon pay structure. 
  • You are looking for fresh ways to grow your business. 
  • Your current pay system is not driving your business. 
  • You want to share accountability with your team for their financial success. 
  • You want to simplify your payroll processes. 
  • You want to have the perfect number of team members, at the right skill level, for the revenue you want to produce.

This is obviously an investment in you and your business; and given the feedback we’ve had from salon owners who have done this course with us, we know it is worth every penny. 

Business owners like Kelly of Lichfield Beauty Boutique and Melissa of Gina Conway salons have both praised the service for its liberating pay systems and the value it brings to their businesses.

salon team payroll software with Loop HR systems

The Pay Structure Review & Rebuild is only available to Loop HR Subscribers, and is priced at £799 + VAT.  

If you are ready to make this change, we would be delighted to work with you. To book your session, simply click here and we'll arrange everything for you.

Thank you for considering this service, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.