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Salon Help & Advice From Business Experts

The Salon Business Collective is a group of four independent businesses that each specialise in supporting salons and the wider salon industry by offering business support and development services.

Our mission is to share our skills and salon business expertise through a series of free webinar events. Each event focuses on a specific topic and is led by one of our experts.  

Each business uses its own specialist skills and technology to assist salon businesses to be more successful, profitable and/or easier to run.

The 4 businesses that make up the Collective are:

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5 Golden Rules For Salons To Tackle 

 Sam Kendall, MD and Yogi Parmar, CEO of SalonIQ

Learn how many salons are still thriving in today’s crisis, understand the importance of continuity and focus on key areas within your salon business, automate many of your processes to ensure financial security and create a lucrative online presence.

Our expertise: We support over 2,000 salons across the UK using SalonIQ’s all-in-one management system to increase client retention, improve their marketing, generate more clients and make more money.

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Get The Most From Your Salon Pay System!

Ian Egerton, Salon Owner & Creator of Loop HR Software

Let me share five different salon pay structures, you will see how they work, the pros and cons of each, what they cost and the impact they have on employee engagement and performance. By the end of the event, you will have seen how to create an attractive salary package; plus I’ll send you a template to build your salon pay structure.

Our expertise: Loop HR supports hair and beauty professionals to simplify salon management tasks and organise data in ways that empower everyone in your salon team.

grow my salon business

How Salons Can Navigate A Financial Path Through 2023

Antony Whitaker, Founder of Grow My Salon Business

Learn how to navigate the financial challenges during the coming year. At the end of the webinar, I will give you access to a checklist that will help you work through 2023.

Our expertise: We help salon owners get smarter at growing their business. is an education platform packed with resources and tools to help entrepreneurs in the hair & beauty industry to start and scale their business – no matter what stage of the journey.

salon guru

Why Google Is The Best Way To Get New Clients

Phil Evans, MD of Salon Guru

Understand how the different areas of Google can bring new clients to your salon.  At the end of the webinar, I will give you a checklist to make sure you have a plan to make the best use of Google to grow your salon and links to the free tools to help measure your performance.

Our expertise: Salon Guru supports over 230 salons & clinics in all parts of the English-speaking world with websites, online marketing, social media and search engine optimisation.