Identify The Right Manager For Your Business

Find the right salon manager with advice from Loop HR

As a salon owner, the decision to employ a manager is a significant one that can greatly impact your business. A manager, good, bad or indifferent, will influence team, the relationship with clients and profits! In this blog post, we'll dive into the key qualities and responsibilities to consider when seeking the ideal salon manager for your business.

Defining Your Ideal Salon Manager

The first question to address is why you're hiring a salon manager. Are you looking for someone to handle tasks you'd rather avoid, or do you envision a dynamic leader who can inspire and guide your team?

Many business owners have faced the disappointment of a manager who cannot fulfil their expectations. The most common complaints include: the manager has a lack of inspiration, poor leadership, negative impact on the team, and a is little more than a glorified key holder!

So, what kind of manager do you truly want? Take a moment to consider your vision. Do you want a manager who fills shampoo bottles and takes care of everyday chores, or do you aspire to have a proactive, motivated leader who empowers the team to reach their goals and collaborate with you and the team?

Crafting Your Vision

To ensure you're on the right track, break down the qualities and responsibilities you expect from your salon manager:

Step 1: I want my manager to BE (list the things they must be):

A positive and proactive individual who brings enthusiasm to the team.
A good timekeeper who sets an example for punctuality and professionalism.
A reliable go-to person for everyday issues, who is approachable and fair.
Actively involved in the industry, staying updated with the latest trends and techniques (or being involved in the community, being aware of local events and supporting various local events).

Step 2: I want my manager to DO (list the things you want them to do):

Open and close the salon on designated days, demonstrating commitment and responsibility.
Efficiently manage professional stock to ensure availability and prevent shortages.
Manage work schedules, ensuring optimal coverage to both accommodate the team and meet the needs of the business.
Mange holidays and recordkeeping.
Accurately handle end-of-day transactions, ensuring financial integrity.

Step 3: My salon manager must HAVE:

Strong leadership skills that inspire and guide the team toward success.
Excellent technical skills that command respect and admiration from the team.
Outstanding people skills to foster a harmonious and collaborative working environment.
The ability to align with, and actively contribute to, the company's overall vision.

Taking Action

Once you have a clear outline of the traits and responsibilities you desire, it becomes easier to identify the right candidate who aligns with your vision. When seeking your ideal salon manager, remember that their role is crucial in setting the tone for your business. They should not only possess the technical skills required for the job but also show leadership qualities that encourage growth and development among the team.

Tip for salon managers who find themselves in positions where expectations are not clearly defined, then you must take the initiative. Study management techniques and effective leadership practices. Identify gaps in your own skills or areas of improvement within the business, and work to address them proactively.

The type of salon manager you want will depend on three primary things:

1.      Your ability to identify and relinquish elements of responsibility.

2.      Your salary budget and division of funds to specific projects.

3.      The goals you've set for your business and the managers’ ability to achieve the goals.

By articulating your expectations and crafting a comprehensive vision of your ideal manager, you'll be well on your way to not only finding the right fit, but also creating a thriving salon environment. This will of course benefit both your team, your clients and reap a return on your investment.

In conclusion...

Ensuring the success of your salon management team requires more than just hiring talented individuals. It demands a well-defined business strategy and effective leadership processes. That's where Loop HR salon HR software comes into play. With its salon specific features and capabilities, it empowers your managers to seamlessly align their responsibilities with your salon's best practices.

By investing in Loop HR, you're not just optimising your team's potential, but also taking a significant step toward salon excellence. Elevate your salon management game with Loop HR, and watch your people thrive like never before.  Book a call to find out more.

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