Human resource management for salon managers owners

If you are a salon, spa, clinic or barbershop owner or manager, Loop HR Business Dashboard speaks your language. Bite-size chunks of information showing key employee data such as holidays, sickness alerts, work anniversaries, time off in lieu (TOIL), sales performance, training (CPD), personal development reviews (PDR) and more, simply click on a point of interest to access detailed information.

For multi-location businesses you will see individual salon and global company overview of your business HR status.

Information is power – communication is key.

Financial success starts with a great pay structure

Your workforce is both the most precious and costly part of your business.

Pay systems in the hair and beauty industries are notoriously challenging to get right, both in their ability to incentivise (drive sales) and/or to protect the business from financial losses.

Whilst some do work well, right now, we want our pay systems to be flexible, with multiple drivers, they must be generous and demonstrate ways to progress – as well as protect the business! So, with that said, start with the end game in mind…

Create a win-win formula for happy staff and a profitable business.

Loop HR creator Ian Egerton has worked with hundreds of salon owners and has over 40 years national and international salon management experience; culminating in a range of salon specific pay, commission & bonus systems; designed to incentivise your team & protect your business.


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Manage holiday applications quickly and efficiently

Save time juggling work rotas, holidays and sickness absence with our centralised online scheduling system. With employee self-service features such as holiday management, staff can easily see their allowance and make a holiday request.

For managers it’s easy to approve or decline holiday requests.

Loop HR will auto-calculate holiday allowances – good for compliance and saves you time.

The central calendar eliminates date clashes and misunderstandings.

24-hour online access from any device, anywhere, any time.


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“Loop HR’s features are designed especially for the needs of salons, are really well thought out and so easy to use. I would thoroughly recommend it to any salon owner looking to save time, manage their team better and streamline their HR.”

– Alice Kirby, Director, Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing

Manage sickness and absenteeism

Self-service employee sickness enables employees to report absences before their shift starts. Managers would be alerted and procedures can be put in place before the employees’ shift is scheduled to begin. This works alongside your current sickness policy.

Absence management combined with recordkeeping of time and reasons for absence; help improve communication, increase accountability and keep all relevant team members in the loop.

Saving you time and the stress of managing sickness data, all sickness events automatically feed through to schedules and to payroll reports (enabling you to easily deduct absent hours pay) as well as recording incidents within the sickness register.


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Simplify scheduling and salon team rotas

Our centralised work scheduling system is easy to use and easy to access on the go. Quickly schedule and view individual and team rotas, overtime, time off in lieu (TOIL) and any other scheduled events, all at the click of a button.

  • Streamline all your scheduling tasks
  • Save time with easy to identify events
  • Personalise the schedule events calendar
  • Reduce stressful team conflicts around work rotas
  • Quick view of hours and days scheduled, holidays, overtime etc.
  • Workers in multi-site salons can easily track locations and times of shifts
  • Administrator and manager access rights for secure easy schedule management


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“Loop HR software has made managing salon staff performance and payroll much easier!”

– Lulu Simmons
Elements Hair & Beauty Lifestyle, Oxted

Engage, guide and empower your team to better performance

Self-serve Performance Development Reviews (PDRs)

Employee self-service development reviews help you engage with your team more easily.

Loop HR includes user-friendly PDR templates for an out of the box solution to your review process, these can easily be edited to create bespoke reviews. Frequency and depth of PDR is up to you – our system is flexible and easy to use and relevant for today’s style of communication rather than outdated forms and the stress of individual meetings.

How does a virtual PDR work?

  • Decided on your PDR template.
  • Use Loop to invite your employee to begin their PDR.
  • Once the questionnaire is completed you receive a notification from Loop.
  • Choose to review and give feedback in 1:1 or respond via Loop HR.
  • Employee acknowledges their PDR complete.

Result: meaningful engagement, feedback and a more efficient way to conduct and record your performance development reviews.


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Continual professional development and training opportunities (CPD)

In the hair and beauty industries, training (also known as continual professional development or CPD) happens so frequently, we often don’t record it! But when it comes to the big training events, new skincare training or colour training, a barbering course etc. we make significant investments, not only in money but time and effort to ensure the team have all the information they need to learn, travel and at times stay overnight.

To simplify the process and help you comply with your obligation to provide ongoing training and development, Loop HR will maintain training records and any associated costs for every event.

Creating training opportunities and recording professional development within Loop HR

  • Managers can send a training opportunity / or employees can request training
  • The training event is then:
    • Accepted / approved
    • Or the opportunity is declined by the team member (a record is kept of either outcome)
  • Assuming it has been accepted, the training event is then booked
  • Confirmation of booking is sent to the employee
  • The timing of the training event automatically feds through to the employee schedule
  • Any travel arrangements are made by management and costs allocated through Loop
  • The team member receives the travel / accommodation details
  • Once the training is complete, the employee can leave feedback and upload a copy of their certificate.

Training is a massive investment, continual professional development forms part of our responsibility and Loop HR CPD procedures help ensure the process is recorded and you have evidence of CPD for each event.


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