Online HR management software for employees of salons & spas

Our Employee Dashboard puts the right information in the hands of your team. Instant access to essential information from anywhere – in salon, at home, on the phone!

Life is too short to keep repeating yourself – share the right information once and make it accessible to the right people!

Onboarding new team members

On day one your new employee is invited to join your company HR system; once their personal profile is created, they can immediately connect to your hair and beauty business and feel part of your team.

They see their work schedule, their service and retail targets, their holiday allowance, they can access all your company policies and procedures, access their contract and sign it, all from their phone within Loop HR.

And for your new team member, they love that they can make holiday requests, request and record training, see their new work rota and so much more.


See our onboarding system

‘I’ve used many HR systems before, but Loop HR is most definitely the easiest and clearest by far. From seeing how well I’m getting on with my retail and service targets to requesting holiday, everything is laid out perfectly.’

– Mark, Hairstylist, The Stress Exchange Hair & Beauty Salon

Grow salon sales

Loop HR uses dynamic targets (generated automatically) combined with basic sales data entry, employees clearly understand thier goals, what they need to do to achieve them and how to boost their commissions and bonuses.

With the right information, managers and team members have the tools they need to improve performance.

Incentivise your team

Set Personal goals and Team goals, track performance, incentivise your team and accelerate sales.

For team members with targets, they see:

  • Sales targets.
  • Personal service sales performance.
  • Personal retail sales performance.
  • Commission and bonus potential or earned in the current period.
  • Team sales graph.
  • a breakdown of Team Bonuses


Learn about pay, commissions & bonuses

Easy to use holiday manager

Our centralised holiday manager makes it easy to manage holidays; from calculating allowances to booking holidays, eliminate potential date clashes and misunderstandings.

For team members who earn variable pay (commissions and bonuses) when they take leave their pay must reflect the average of the last 52 weeks earned, Loop hr will make all these complex calculations for you!

Access anytime, anywhere

Your team can:

  • View the holiday calendar for the whole team.
  • See their holiday allowance.
  • Make holiday requests.
  • Cancel unapproved requests.
  • Request to cancel approved holidays.
  • Monitor every aspect of holiday days/hours.


Holiday Manager makes your life easier too

Workforce experience matters – 92% of employees said ‘positive workforce experiences’ matter the most to them.

– Sage, why your workforce isn’t working

Manage sickness & absence

Asking for absence or notifying sickness can be a stressful situation for employees so they delay informing managers which causes last minute disruption and scheduling headaches.

With Loop HR employees can create an automated sickness or absence message (with instant notifications) leading to more prompt and transparent employee/manager communications.

Streamline absence management

The system records:

  • Date/time of event.
  • Reason for event.

Your employee sees a record of all their incidents making them aware of the number of times they have been absent.

For you, the sickness feeds through to schedules and to Payroll so no more scrapping round for notes!


Take control of absenteeism

Stress free work schedules

Does your team lose valuable working time checking schedules, requesting changes or forgetting shifts?

Our centralised system keeps everyone in the loop, meaning no more excuses for arriving late, allowing everyone to focus on the clients and your hair or beauty business.

Keep your team in the loop

Every salon, spa or clinic team member can:

  • View their personal work schedule.
  • View their team schedule.
  • View scheduling updates and changes.


Learn more about scheduling, shifts & rotas

Studies found that highly engaged employees were 87% more likely to stay with their companies than their disengaged counterparts.

Motivate with training

Education and training is an essential part of your staff personal and skill development. Our interactive process is easy to use and enables individuals to track their personal development and progress as well make training requests to their salon or clinic manager.

Continual Professional Development (CPD)

Step 1 Employee makes online request outlining:

  • Type of training.
  • Training provider.
  • Cost of training (if known).
  • Location of training.
  • Any travel/accommodation costs.

Step 2 Manager approves or declines this request:

  • If approved the employee is asked to agree to any T&Cs.
  • Manager receives alert confirming T&Cs agreed.
  • Manager books training.
  • Employee receives alert that training is booked.
  • Employee automatically receives the details needed for training.
  • Once complete, the employee uploads their certificate to their profile.

Tracking personal development

The system automatically creates a record of the personal development activities and the investment. Managers can see a report of all activities for the year, individually, by team or for the whole company.

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