Holiday Management Software

Manage Holidays Easily With Loop HR Salon Software

Don’t waste time juggling team members' work hours, rotas, holidays and absences! Our powerful salon HR software manages all employee data, from work schedules and holidays to staff attendance and absences.  The information feeds directly into Payroll and even calculates holiday commissions and targets.

Owners, managers and employees can access the Loop HR portal any time, anywhere through their mobile device, tablet, or PC - as long as they have WiFi!  

What Is It?

Loop HR staff holiday management software includes easy-to-use tools which:

  • Automatically calculate employee holiday allowances for all workers including:
    • Full-time / part-time workers
    • Salaried / zero-hour workers
    • Starter and leaver balances are also automatically calculated for you.
  • Set your salon holiday rules, such as:
    • When holidays can/cannot be requested
    • If and when leave can be cancelled
    • Who can approve leave.
  • Allow employees to set up their own holiday requests.
  • Manage multi-location teams.
  • Set bulk holidays for Bank & Public Holidays.

How Will It Help Me?

The Loop HR software system manages salon & spa team holidays quickly and easily, saving you hours of time and reducing stress.  You will be able to:

  • Minimise holiday conflicts.
  • Know who's off in any team or location.
  • Share the holiday calendar with managers.
  • Track holiday balances such as the number of bookable days left.
  • Manage whether unused holiday can be carried forward.
  • Approve or decline leave requests.
  • Track the number of weekdays/weekends taken.
  • Manage holiday commissions in Loop HR Payroll.
  • View and export holiday reports.
Loop HR Software For Salons, Spas & Clinics

Manage Holidays With Easy-To-Use Loop HR Software

Loop HR's employee self-service holiday calendar makes it easy for salon employees to manage their holidays. They just need their manager to approve, decline or amend the holiday requests using the simple Loop HR system. This helps to eliminate awkward date clashes and misunderstandings because the central team calendar shows everyone in the team who's off and when.

Loop HR employee management software also makes all the complex holiday calculations for you as part of the Payroll process! It will:

  • Automatically calculate pro-rata allowances for starters & leavers.
  • Easily adjust individual balances for the year.
  • Automatically carry forward holiday allowances.
  • Overview holidays at every stage of the process.
  • Approve or decline holiday requests with automatic notification for employees.
  • Auto-calculate holiday commissions as part of the Payroll.


Schedule Your Salon Team Quickly 

The days of juggling paper rotas and schedules are over. Loop HR software helps you quickly and efficiently plan staff rotas, manage flexible working and overtime and manage Time off in Lieu (TOIL).  It reduces the stress of record keeping and errors.  It will also help you improve engagement and motivation with your  salon or spa employees. 

Once you've sorted your salon team schedule, you can distribute it with one click to your salon, spa or clinic team. They can then:  

  • View their personal work rota.
  • See their team rota.
  • Track overtime banked.
Employee Management Salon Software from Loop HR
Holiday Management Salon Software from Loop HR

Easy-To-Use Holiday Manager

Our centralised holiday manager makes it easy to manage holidays; from calculating allowances to booking holidays, eliminating potential date clashes and misunderstandings. Loop HR will make all the complex calculations for you!

Employees and managers can access the portal anytime, anywhere via their PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.  Employees can:

  • View the holiday calendar for the whole team.
  • See their holiday allowance.
  • Make holiday requests.
  • Cancel unapproved requests.
  • Request to cancel approved holidays.
  • Monitor every aspect of holiday days/hours.

‘Everyone can see their schedules very clearly which helps me easily manage my team’s shifts. Even if I’m out of the salon my team can reach me through Loop HR, meaning requests and changes are dealt with quickly and efficiently.’

– Kim, Beauty Salon Manager, The Stress Exchange

Staff Sickness Records Loop HR Management Software

Manage & Reduce Absenteeism With The Best HR Salon System

The Loop HR software is an easy-to-use system that helps you manage sick leave and absence notifications, and record any incidents.  The software will record the date, time, and reason for staff absence.

Absences then automatically appear in the Payroll report, where you can allocate deductions for hours/days taken before exporting the data to your Payroll provider.

Employees can see their attendance history on their personal Employee Dashboard which makes them aware of the number of times they have been absent. If you have a team member who tends to call in sick on Saturdays, for example, our software will show the number of Saturdays that person has been absent. Clients tell us this has helped to reduce absenteeism!