Availability (Blocking Dates) Settings

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Block out certain dates or periods that employees cannot request holidays.


The Settings function is only available to Admin users.

Employees will not be able to request holidays over blocked out dates.

Administrators and managers with access to team holidays, will be able to override the blocked out dates on an individual basis.

You must set each year separately (rather than use the same dates each year, as holidays may move from year to year).

We recommend you adjust your holiday policy to include any new rules, the policy can be uploaded to your Docs & Files under the General Policies folder. If you need a Holiday Policy template, please contact Loop hr via email requesting a template.

[1] Go to your Loop hr navigation, under Team > Holidays > Settings;

[2] Go to Availability Settings.

[3] To block out certain dates select the month and click on the dates from within the date picker. To add more dates select other dates (move between months using the date picker).

[4] To cancel a blocked date, simply click on the X next to the date.

[5] When ready, click Save.


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