Holiday Management

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Loop HR holiday requests can be made by the employee or added directly by an Admin/Manager. Select a date (or date range), the time requested is reported as day or hours depending on your Company settings.

By the day: for allowances set in days applications can be made by the day or half day.

By the hour: for allowances set in hours employees can select precise times e.g. 4pm to 6pm = 2 hours. And of course, they can select a full day or days. The number of hours reported will relate to the hours in the work schedule.


For the system to know the precise days or hours to allocate, you must first set employee work schedules.

What happens if schedules are not set?

The request will show as zero hours or zero days meaning that the schedule is not present. In this instance you can update the schedule and reapply the holiday.

Holiday feature overview

There are two distinct elements to the Loop HR holiday process, the employee application and management approval.

The employee application process is straightforward; made via the Loop hr Employee Portal. The employee will: Step 1 go to holidays > click + Request Holiday. Step 2 select the dates and click Request Holiday.

Your employees can view their own holiday allowance and remaining balance anytime by clicking ‘view details’ from their Holiday Dashboard.

Once the employee holiday application is made, administrators (and managers with access rights) will receive an email alert to say that an application has been made and a notification will be show on the business dashboard under Pending Holidays. Within the Business Dashboard you can also show those currently Away on holiday and any Upcoming holidays.


Managing holidays can be complex and stressful. Simplify the process by setting up your holiday rules within Loop hr (e.g. use Loop hr to help support/enforce your rules).


Managing holidays

  1. To manage holidays, from the navigation panel select Team > Holidays.
  2. In Calendar view, you can see employee approved and unapproved holidays for the month (approved show in blue and unapproved will show in orange).

You can manage different functions directly from the calendar.

  1. Search employees by name or filter by teams (or by location if you have multi locations).
  2. Reduce the noise! Show only employees with holidays by toggling this button on
  3. For a quick overview of an employee’s allowance and balance, click on their name
  4. Next to a name click on any date to add a holiday
  5. Click on an approved holiday (marked in blue) to see/edit/delete the holiday details.

  1. The Overview tab will give a detailed overview of pending holidays, those currently on holiday, upcoming holidays, holidays that have been taken, cancelled holidays and any declined holidays (all for ease of managing data and of course compliance / recordkeeping purposes).
  2. The All Requests tab, shows a detailed list of all requests and whether they are taken, approved etc, this list can be filtered as required.
  3. Bulk Holidays are managed from here, see the Knowledge Base article ‘Bulk Holiday Manager’.
  4. The Allowance feature is a great function allowing you to view and temporarily amend the current year’s holiday allowances or adjusting carry forward allowances. Amendments here do not affect the contracted holiday allowance within the employee profile (this is an override for this holiday year only).

You can filter to find a specific employee or filter by team and/or location.

To edit an allowance, click on the three dots > then click Edit allowance, once amended and saved, it will show the allowance with a yellow information symbol (as highlighted below) to indicate the figure has been updated – to review click ‘Edit allowance’ you can now adjust or reset it back to the original number.

Edit the carry forward allowance separately to manually adjust the current year’s carry forward allowance.

  1. The Settings feature allows you to control the way employee holiday cancellations are managed within Loop hr.

Please note this is a global setting for the business. Admins (and Managers with access rights) will still be able to cancel holidays no matter this setting.

Employees are allowed to cancel holidays that are awaiting approval.

Under Settings, you can disable all employees’ ability to cancel previously approved holidays within Loop hr!

You may do this because you want individuals to come to you personally, or email their approved holiday cancellation request. If this is the case, toggle off ‘Allow employees to cancel their approved upcoming holidays’.

Or leave it toggled on and select a number of days’ notice that you require to cancel an already approved holiday (for example, you may require 30 days’ notice to allow time to resell the previously blocked out appointment time). You can set any number of notice days.

If you wish to allow employees to cancel approved holidays anytime up until the holiday begins, then set this number to zero.

Once you have made any changes click Update


When an employee cancels a previously approved holiday, you (Admins and Managers) will receive an email alerting you.

You will need to reapply the work schedule within Loop hr as the schedule will be blank after the cancelation.

Employees cannot cancel active or past holidays.

Only Administrators can cancel previously taken holiday.


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