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Manage Salon Pay, Commissions & Bonuses With Loop HR Software

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to setting up your business structure - Loop HR can help you create the perfect pay structure for your business culture. 

The Loop HR system works straight out of the box with suggested financial forecasts with drivers including commissions and bonuses. All pay levels and incentives can be seen before allocation to demonstrate the forecast income and costs at every level of performance.

Our pay systems ensure every calculation is considered and accurate meaning whatever model you choose, you have peace of mind that the data is consistent and correct.  

Manage Salon Payroll With Loop HR Software Systems

Flexible Pay Structures For Salons

As a salon owner, you want your pay structures to be fair, flexible, accurate and to reward the right behaviours.  Loop HR can be adapted to your needs but the most common salon pay structures are: 

  • Classic base pay, plus commission.
  • Base pay, plus low-level commission.
  • Whichever is higher, base pay or commission.
  • Performance pay / performance bonuses.
  • Team-based pay.

What Is It?

Loop HR's salon software builds pay structures, commission and bonus incentives specifically for the hair & beauty industry.  It includes easy-to-use tools which will: 

  • Create the perfect pay structure for your business culture with five different salon pay structures.
  • Create team bonuses to reward specific goals within your salon or spa.
  • Auto-generate employee service sales targets (these can be overridden). 
  • Set retail targets and commission levels.
  • Compliance check again National Minimum Wage levels.

How Will It Help Me?

Loop HR software manages any salon pay structure with precise calculations & forecasting so you can process payroll in minutes!  You will be able to: 

  • Set the perfect pay system for your salon culture.
  • Forecast salary costs at various levels of sales income.
  • Use different pay models as best suited to individual team members.
  • Set different bonuses to incentivise team members.
  • Set team goals and offer bonuses to reward small or larger teams.
  • Offer multiple team bonuses in any given pay period.
  • Use different employment models:
    • pay by the hour
    • a guaranteed salary
    • zero hour contracts
  • Choose your preferred pay cycle.
    • weekly
    • bi-weekly
    • 4 weekly
    • monthly

Set Up The Best HR System For Your Salon, Barbershop Or Spa

Set up pay systems that work for you and your team

  • Create multiple salary levels for team members.
  • Appoint a salary to each level.

Set clear financial targets for each level 

  • Each salary level should have clear financial targets
  • Communicate achievements to team members to focus them on how to realise their goals.

Incentivise team members & reward success

  • Agree bonuses to reward specific achievements.
  • Set commission levels to drive sales performance. 

Report sales progress to individual team members

  • Share sales progress to encourage and incentivise.
  • Retain the right team members through better engagement.

“With Loop HR we can offer different pay schemes to different employees without creating extra work for payroll which is liberating. We can view the cost of the salaries against service income, which for any owner/ manager is essential. Even more exciting – you can add in bonuses for your team on many different levels – individuals, small groups, the entire company!”

- Melissa Harris, Operations Manager, Gina Conway

“We were spending 3 days processing wages & commissions, now with Loop HR that’s reduced to 2 hours!”

- Barrie Stephens of Barrie Stephens Salons

“The performance based pay system works really well for me and my team. The reports are clear and I can easily compare lots of different figures – it’s fabulous. Wouldn’t want to run my salons without it!” 

– Karen Daines, Barnetts Hairdressing, Skipton

Easy, Fast & Efficient Payroll Management Software

Loop HR automatically collates every element needed to prepare payroll figures into an easy-to-read report including:

  • Time and attendance
  • Base pay and bonuses
  • Retail and holiday commissions
  • Overtime and deductions for sickness and absences
  • Starter and leaver pay calculations.

For your team, the Loop HR Employee Portal builds a culture of openness, transparency and trust, allowing your team to track sales progress, see their commissions and bonuses in a simple format on any device with an internet connection.

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