Payroll Management System

Easy, Fast & Efficient Payroll Software For Salons

When it comes to Payroll, Loop HR automatically calculates and collates every element you need into an easy-to-read report.

For the salon manager or owner, this means you can find all the information you need in one place - so no more Excel spreadsheets, calculators and paper notes are required!   At the end of every pay period all you need to do is process the Payroll report and send the data to your Payroll provider.

It's also great for your employees as they can log into their Employee Portal on their phone or computer and instantly track sales progress and view commissions and bonuses. 

What Is It?

The Loop HR Payroll Software System will manage your salon Payroll including service and retail commissions, bonus incentives, absences and more. It includes easy-to-use tools which allow you to: 

  • Pay workers with different employment models:
    • Pay workers by the hour.
    • Pay salaried workers.
  • Payroll in any pay cycle:
    • Weekly.
    • Bi-weekly.
    • 4 weekly.
    • Monthly.
  • Flag compliance checks (age-related) and Minimum Wage Levels as part of the Payroll process.
  • Pay commission and bonuses in arrears or at the end of the pay period.
  • Set Payroll holiday commission rules. 

How Will It Help Me?

Loop HR software will manage your salon Payroll with precision and speed. You will be able to: 

  • Process Payroll in minutes, not hours.
  • Automatically collate data for every element of your Payroll including:
    • Work hours to be paid (for non-salaried employees)
    • Sick leave hours and deductions (from salaried workers)
    • Unpaid leave deductions (from salaried workers)
    • Holiday commissions (variable-rate averaged over the past 52 weeks)
    • Service and retail commissions
    • Personal and team bonuses
  • Easily export your Payroll report to your Payroll provider. 
  • Save hours of time and reduce stress!
  • Have total peace of mind! 
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Get Your Payroll Right With Loop HR

With so much going on it's good to know Loop HR is helping you keep your business compliant.

Ensuring that you are paying your staff the correct rate of pay can be critical. To help, we update the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage levels each time the UK Government changes the rates, and our compliance reporting alerts you instantly if you need to review or amend a team member’s rate of pay.

For  peace of mind, Loop HR also holds employee records for attendance, holidays, and absences, PDRs and CPDs.

 “We were spending 3 days processing wages & commissions. Now with Loop HR that’s reduced to 2 hours!”

- Barrie Stephens of Barrie Stephens Salons

“The performance-based pay system works really well for me and my team. The reports are clear and I can easily compare lots of different figures – it’s fabulous. Wouldn’t want to run my salons without it!”

– Karen Daines of Barnetts Hairdressing, Skipton

Streamline Your Salon Payroll With Loop HR Software

Loop HR works straight out of the box, automatically collating every element needed to prepare payroll figures into an easy-to-read report.  Our pay systems ensure every calculation is considered and accurate.

It also allows you to reward your team with suggested financial forecasts including the ability to add commissions and bonuses.

This leaves salon owners and managers to get on with running their business without the added stress of calculating targets or preparing Payroll!


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