Salon Employee CPD

Easily Plan and Track Salon Employee Training with Loop HR Software 

Investing in your teams’ success is essential for the good of the business and your employees!  If you offer staff training, or any kind of continuous professional development (CPD) you need Loop HR!  
At Loop HR we have transformed the way salon owners manage training, recordkeeping and budgets, ensuring you get the best return on investment and your team feel valued and have the tools they need to 

What Is It?

Loop HR is the salon HR software to manage your creative team! Our systems help organise all team training events, personal and professional development in a simple, but effective way. 
Our CPD processes are integrated across the system (scheduling, payroll, training materials, recordkeeping etc.) meaning everything is managed for you.  

  • Track skills and development progress
  • Empower employees to up-skill  
  • Manage training budgets 

How Will It Help Me?

Save hours of time, be super organised and manage your return on investment (ROI). Loop HR enables you to: 

  • Offer employee training and personal development opportunities. 
  • Schedule team and individual in-house training sessions. 
  • Share details, such as location and times, share videos and materials. 
  • Set and manage training budgets. 
  • Automate employee training feedback. 
  • Record and store all CPD and training records. 
  • Allow employees to request training from within App. 
Loop HR CPD Planning Software For Salons, Spas & Clinics

Salon Employee Personal Development Plans

Loop HR's software can help you manage your teams' Personal Development Plans (PDPs).  A PDP is an agreement between you and your team member in which you identify their existing skills and make an action plan for further training and development.

It offers a framework which helps identify employee learning needs and set objectives to meet them, within the context of the values and requirements of the business.  The aims of the PDP process are to:

  • Help employees understand their current strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify employees professional goals
  • Identify gaps in their current skill set if they are to reach their goals
  • Plan training and development opportunities to help enhance their skills and experience
  • Measure progress.

Loop HR software will help you manage this process and engage your teams in their personal professional development.  Book a free demonstration to find out how Loop HR can take the stress out of getting the best from your salon teams.