Staff Scheduling

Schedule Work Rotas With Loop HR Software 

Don’t waste time juggling work hours, rotas, holidays and absences!  You can now make record-keeping easy in your salon with the latest Loop HR software system, designed specifically for hair & beauty salons, spas, medi-clinics and barbershops.  

Our powerful salon HR system manages all employee data, from work schedules to holidays, attendance and absences.  The information also feeds directly into Payroll which means you can quickly and easily calculate holiday commissions, targets and get on top of absences.

Salon work rota scheduling with Loop HR software

What Is It?

Loop HR is salon-specific software that manages staff schedules.  It includes easy-to-use tools that will: 

  • Manage schedules across single or multiple salon locations.
  • Create revenue-producing schedules (set targets automatically).
  • Set bulk schedules for multiple employees and teams.
  • Repeat schedules:
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Bi-weekly
    • 4 weekly
  • Create schedule codes that suit you.
  • Set your scheduling rules.

How Will It Help Me?

Loop HR software will manage team rotas and holidays quickly and easily.  You will be able to: 

  • Minimise scheduling conflicts.
  • Create the ideal work schedule.
  • Know who is working and who's off in any team or location.
  • Share the work schedules with managers and teams. 
  • Manage paid overtime and banked overtime (for time off in lieu)
  • Track work codes in hours and days.
  • Track absences.
  • Easily manage flexible working. 
  • Feed all paid hours and absences into Loop HR Payroll
  • Save hours of time and reduce stress! 

Easy Ways To Organise Salon Work Schedules

The days of juggling paper rotas and schedules are over. Loop HR software helps you quickly and efficiently plan team rotas, manage flexible working and overtime and manage time off in lieu.  It helps salon managers by:

  • Streamlining scheduling tasks for single and multi-site salons.
  • Minimising the risk of shift conflicts.
  • Personalising your events calendar.
  • Managing overtime as paid or banked time to be taken later.
  • Reducing the stress of record-keeping and errors.
  • Giving a quick view of work rotas including holiday and overtime. 
  • Improving employee engagement and motivation.

In one click you can seamlessly distribute the schedule to your salon, spa or clinic team who can view their personal work and team rota, and track overtime banked.


‘Everyone can see their schedules very clearly which helps me easily manage my team’s shifts. Even if I’m out of the salon my team can reach me through Loop HR, meaning requests and changes are dealt with quickly and efficiently.’  – Kim, Beauty Salon Manager, The Stress Exchange

Salon Holiday Management Software with Loop HR Systems

Stress-Free Salon Holiday Management Software

You can also schedule holidays using the latest Loop HR software.  Employees can put in their holiday requests for their manager to approve, decline or amend. This helps to eliminate awkward date clashes and misunderstandings as the central team calendar shows everyone who's off and when. This system:

  • Auto calculates pro-rata allowances for starters & leavers.
  • Easily adjusts individual balances for the year.
  • Carries forward allowances if that is what you want.
  • Overviews holidays at every stage of the process.
  • Approves or declines holiday requests, automatically notifying employees.
  • Auto calculates holiday commissions as part of Payroll.