Staff Sickness & Absenteeism

Easy Ways To Manage Staff Sickness In Salons

When it comes to staff sickness and absenteeism, it can be hard to stay on top of who's off and why, as well as whether this is becoming a common occurrence or pattern. With Loop HR, you can say goodbye to writing things down on scraps of paper or wasting time trying to calculate employee absentee deductions. 

With our HR software designed specifically for salons & spas, we have everything you need to manage and deal with sickness and absentees, all in one place.

What Is It?

Loop HR's salon software will help you manage sickness and absenteeism. It includes easy-to-use tools which allows salon managers to:

  • See individual and team statistics for:
    • Employee hours of sickness
    • Lost time calculated as a percentage
    • The 'top day' and reason for sick leave for each employee.
  • Set your rules on managing sickness absences, such as:
    • Automatic 'return-to-work' check-in emails
    • Request return-to-work form.
  • Allow employees to make sick notifications.
  • See an overview sickness calendar.
  • Manage absences across single or multiple locations.
  • Record all data for compliance purposes and store it in one place.

How Will It Help Me?

Loop HR software helps managers and salon owners manage staff sickness absences. It automatically feeds data to various parts of Loop HR systems. You will save hours of time and reduce stress levels because this system will:

  • Manage employee sickness absences more efficiently.
  • Track sickness absences in detail and record data securely.
  • Request a return-to-work form be completed within Loop HR
  • Use dashboard reports that tell you and authorised managers:
    • The most frequent days taken
    • Top reasons given
    • Total absence hours
    • Number of absences
    • Average absence hours
    • Lost time rate per employee
  • View sick leave by weekdays 
  • Feed all sick absence hours into Loop HR Payroll
    • For salaried workers, Loop HR will deduct pay for the precise hours of absence
    • For hourly paid staff, deductions are automatic as they did not work
    • Sickness hours will be reported in Loop HR Payroll export.

Manage Sickness & Absenteeism In Your Salon

The Loop HR system helps salon managers and owners manage sickness and absence notifications. The date, time and reason for absence are recorded and the information automatically fed through to schedules and payroll reports.  

Employees see their attendance history on their personal dashboard which makes them more aware of the number of times they have been absent.

To help avoid serial offenders taking particular days off, the software also shows the number of specific days absent (for example, the number of Saturdays a team member has called in sick.)

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