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Employee Training

Once you have set your CPD settings, then you are ready to send your first training opportunity. If you still need to complete set-up click CPD Settings

To create a training opportunity, use the follow steps:

[1] Click Send Training Opportunity
[2] Select External or In-house training and follow the steps.

Setting up Training Events A


[3] Click through the steps; at the point relating to ‘where and when’ the training takes place, it will ask you for the training start and finish time. This is important as it is to inform the employee when they start their training and what time they are expected to finish.

[4] Is the training a full day of training or just few hours? Meaning, will the employee be in salon working before or after the event? If not, toggle on. If the employee is expected to work in the salon as well as attend the training, toggle off: Once the hours for training are set, Loop HR will automatically reduce the employee work schedule to allow for the hours allocated for training (and automatically adjust the revenue producing hours accordingly).

[5] Add the address and any travel details here, the more details you give the easier for the employee.

Setting up Training Events B


Click through, add any training costs, accommodation and travel costs. After the training is complete, there will be the opportunity for the employee to submit an expense claim via Loop HR (relevant to your settings).

[6] The final summary shows a brief description of what the employee will see when they go to review their opportunity.

Setting up Training Events C


[7] The final step before sending the training opportunity is to confirm your Training Agreement (which is managed in CPD Settings). You can toggle the agreement off if it is not required. Confirm and send the training opportunity to the employee.

Setting up Training Events D


Team In-house Training

Create a team training session for multiple team members or for the whole team. Follow this simple process.


You want to run a one hour session on the client journey, create your session, once set, the event will show in the work schedule, employees will be alerted to the training and a series of things are triggered within Loop HR.

What will happen:

For revenue producing employees the system will automatically reduce employee targets by the time of the event (in this case an hour); assuming:

  • The training is scheduled during the employees work shift.
  • If the training is outside the employee work shift, it will not affect their revenue producing hours.
  • In payroll, you will be asked if you want to add the training time to payroll (toggle off if not required).
  • The CPD event will be recorded as inhouse training within the employee history.

[1] You may wish to record the cost of training towards employee training budgets. If so, enter the total cost of training for the Team Event. Loop HR will allocate the individual share of cost by dividing the cost by the number of employees who are selected to attend the event.

The individual value will show alongside the event details within the employee CPD.

Setting up Training Events E



There are two tabs relating to reports:

  • All Training simply shows a list of all training events, you can filter by location, team, and search for an employee by name.
  • Reports tab shows a summary of training statistics for both the business as a whole and for individual team members. You can view for the current year, past years and the past 52 weeks.

Setting up Training Events F

If you have questions about Lopp HR CPD please use the chat feature to reach support.

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