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Create Your Training Courses

Continual Professional Development (CPD) also known as Staff Training. It is not unusual to have both in-house and external training, so we have divided training into these two distinct parts.

From your navigation, go to Team > [1] CPD. [2] Settings

The screen will open on Courses, here you can add popular training courses that you offer your team, this will capture all event details, meaning once created, any future training for this course, can be added easily, by selecting the template and entering the employee’s name and training dates.

[3] From Settings click Add first training course.

Settings A


Once created you will see all the event details.

[4] Upload any materials that you wish to share ahead of the training session.

[5] Add links to articles (blogs), videos or podcasts that are relevant to the training session.

Settings B


Set up Your Company Training Agreement

If you would like to include a training agreement for training (in house or external), you can do that here. You can upload training agreements, terms and conditions or copy and paste your custom training agreement into the field below.

Employees will be required to agree to these training agreements before their training is booked.

[1]  toggle the training agreement on or off as per your preference.

[2] copy and paste your own training agreement here

[3] or try our training agreement template, edit it to suite your needs (ensure it aligns with your contract and or handbook policies on training).

[4] or you can upload a document (preferably non-editable such as PDF). You can use both the text field and the document upload if you use multiple training agreements, depending on the training type etc.

Settings C


Note: you can toggle on the agreement here as a global setting but toggle off for individual training sessions should you wish to do so.

Set up Employee Feedback  

Employee feedback is important, particularly after you have invested heavily in training, plus the employee has been away from the salon for several hours or even days, you want to protect your return on investment!

[1]  Check On or Off for which training you want feedback.

[2] Set up your Feedback questionnaire (click the pen icon to edit and the bin to delete). Under edit you will set if feedback is required or optional.

[3] Add more questions (if required).

[4] Save changes

[5] Preview the feedback questionnaire.

Settings D


[6] The first part of the feedback process is to rate the training 1-10 (1 poor 10 is excellent). This element shows automatically if training feedback is toggled on.

Settings E

If you need further help or clarification, message us via live chat, it’s the fast way to get a response.

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