Unpaid Absence

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Unpaid absence is managed within Scheduling and all data from unpaid events will feed into the Payroll process.

Unpaid absence code is to be used for salaried employees.

Unpaid absence code is not for paid by the hour employees (as they are paid by the hour, therefore are only paid for the hours they are scheduled to work). If a paid by the hour worker finishes a shift early, simply reduce the shift accordingly.

[1] To create an unpaid event, go to your Loop hr navigation, under Team > Schedules >

[2] To amend an existing event, click on the event, and select This date only or This date and all occurrences going forward.

[3] Click Continue

Or, if not amending an already created event, click on the date opposite the name of the employee you wish to add a new unpaid event for.

[4] Add a new event or amend the already created event, search Unpaid Absence from the schedule event codes.
On selecting Unpaid Absence you will see ᵡ Work Hours ᵡ Paid ᵡ Revenue all greyed out, determining the event is not classed as work hours, paid or revenue producing.

[5] Click Continue


When adding a new event, be aware not to leave two, or multiple, events with overlapping hours, for example; if replacing a whole day with absence, just change the event title (as shown below).

If wishing to add a half or partial day unpaid absence, reduce the paid event (work shift) to the hours worked and create the unpaid absence to make up the balance of hours.

[6] Click Continue > Click Update Event and finally the scheduled event now shows as Unpaid Absence

For a full list of managing Schedule Events, please visit Schedules – Loop HR


Double check the schedules are correct before starting to process payroll (if you haven’t been updating them throughout the period)!

The following elements show in the schedules however:

Holidays are managed using the ‘Holidays’ feature and appear in the Schedule once approved by a manager. See how to manage holidays here.

Absences for sickness is managed using the ‘Sickness’ feature; once reported (by the employee or a manager) the event will show in the Schedule. See how to manage sickness here.

Training events, when added via the Continual Professional Development (CPD) feature, will show within Loop HR Schedules. See how to manage CPD’s here.

If you would like assistance in setting up a template work schedule for your business, please contact us via live chat under Help & Support in the navigation panel.


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