Loop HR Manifesto

At Loop HR, we understand the unique challenges salon managers face every single day. From the endless administrative tasks and the stress of people management to the financial burden of payroll and paying bills, we’re here to support you.

That’s why we built management software specifically for you – the salon manager. Loop HR is packed with real salon strategies for leadership and financial success. Traditional HR systems are fine for offices and might be cheaper, but they barely scratch the surface of what you need. We deliver real solutions for salon owners, managers, and their teams, drawing on our years of salon management experience to offer true value.

We get geeky about every detail, so you don’t have to. Take salon pay, for example. From the pay structure you use to the hours spent collating data to process payroll, Loop HR simplifies every part of the process. Choose from five unique salon pay and commission structures, including our Performance-Based Pay system. Setting targets is a easy – just add the price of a service! And payroll? It can be processed in minutes, not hours.

You’ll have the best salon management tools to engage your team, from big-picture career progression to skill development and tools for accountability and rewards. Your team will love tracking their goals and using self-service tools that simplify your job and empower them to manage holidays, report absences, and request training, fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability.

Our promise is simple: we will help you run the best salon business you can. Discover more – book a call using the link below.

Ian Egerton – Founder of Loop HR.


easy human resources systems for salons - Loop HR
Loop HR Owner Ian Egerton

Use my experience to leverage your own expertise

Managing people is not always easy, but managing the tasks that make things happen can be simplified!  

 "Experience accounts for a lot in business, I started developing salon management systems in the 1990s; this evolved from spreadsheets to clunky software, to today’s brilliant cloud-based salon HR systems.

Everything I’ve learned as a hairdresser, salon manager and most importantly as an employer leading a team of creative people, are all poured into what has become the most advanced salon HR systems. Giving you the tools and confidence to manage your business more efficiently – engage and reward your team fairly."

Ian Egerton
Founder, Loop HR

Loop HR - How It All Began

As a salon owner and consultant working with salon owners, Ian Egerton realised there must be a better way to manage HR, back office tasks, and people than spreadsheets and paperwork, so he turned his mind to ways of improving HR structures for salon owners.

Like technology itself, our software has been through several incarnations, in 2017, Loop HR software really began to take shape with new functions around compliance, employee engagement, pay structures and rewards. Today our systems are well refined and offer comprehensive salon management tools for managers and their teams.