From a small consultancy business in 2002 to the first incarnation of our HR software in 2006, Loop has drawn on a wealth of experience to develop a suite of tools to help you manage many HR processes, allowing you to focus on building your team and your business.

Our goal was simple, to provide excellent, cost-effective software to help manage people within small businesses that are labour intensive and work within the service and sales sectors. Why the service and sales sectors? Because they are areas we know well, and there was nothing available to match our requirements!

The problems we had as a small business where very common, we needed efficient ways to manage our people whilst still working within the business on daily basis. We wanted ways to communicate, engage and incentivise our team. On a practical point, we needed to record simple data like holidays and sick days and training events; and as the business grew we needed better onboarding processes and checks and balances around compliance and data management. Being labour intensive salaries are expensive, so needed ways to link pay to sales and overall performance.

All of which meant we developed our own software, a program for anyone employing people, who sell services or products and who want to reduce the headache of managing staff.

Our Team

Loop was created by Ian Egerton and David Brandon; they have worked together for over 8 years and between them, head Loop’s innovation and development. Day to day operations are led by Ian, supported by his team of 20 office and collaborative partners who bring expertise in different areas of HR, leadership, sales and business support.


Ian Egerton


David Brandon





Our Vision

Our vision is simple, to provide the most effective and best value HR software for small and medium-sized businesses, where employees are the greatest asset.





Our Values

More than anything we value our people, our team, those that work for us, and with us. We strive to help you, help your team achieve their goals, to share accountability and encourage best business practices to everyone’s benefit.




Lulu Simmons

Elements Hair & Beauty Lifestyle, Oxted

“Loop HR software has made managing staff performance and payroll much easier! Our team are able to see at any time what they will be earning, what their targets and bonuses are, as well as track holidays and progress throughout the month as a team.”

Karen Daines

Barnetts Hairdressing, Skipton

“I love Loop, I rely on it totally, I don’t have to think about anything relating to numbers, the information is always there when I need it. The performance pay system works really well for me and my team. The reports are clear and I can easily compare lots of different figures it’s fabulous. Wouldn’t want to run my salons without it!”

Kell Skött

Kell Skött Haircare, London

“The Loop system has made my life so much easier, and I am so much more confident when recruiting people now, knowing that what I am offering is fair and works both ways.”