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Loop HR - The Best HR System For Hair & Beauty Salons

A Better Way To Grow Your Salon Or Spa

Efficiency and productivity are just as important as staff technical ability and client experience when it comes to running a salon. Improve the way you manage your salon with Loop HR! With our employee management systems, we provide you with all the tools you need in one place for easy access and usability.

Standard HR software is great for office workers, but it doesn't cover the complexities of salon management. The ability to manage variable work patterns, financial targets for service and retail sales, revenue-producing employees, and complex commission structures, are all elements that set Loop HR apart from generic HR software. 

Loop HR does everything a regular HR software system does & MORE.  PLUS it includes salon-specific HR tasks!

On-Going Support To Get The HR System You Need

We offer on-going support to Loop HR subscribers, with three options available, depending on the level of help you will require: 

  • Join The Loop HR Club and receive dedicated support and access to monthly events - £80.83 plus VAT per month. FIND OUT MORE
  • Have a Pay Structure Review & Rebuild - spend a day with Ian Egerton to transform your salon pay structures - £799 plus VAT. FIND OUT MORE
  • Transform your Back-Office HR Systems In-A-Week with Loop HR doing the bulk of the work, we can restructure your people management systems, from pay systems to documents - £1999 plus VAT. FIND OUT MORE

What Is It?

Loop HR is specifically designed for the hair and beauty salon industry. It has functions for admin users, managers and team members.

Managers have an overview of all HR systems and can easily update, share and create reports.  It's also easy to engage with employees who each have their own portal where they can:

  • Track employees' service and retail goals and team bonus goals 
  • View bonuses and commissions earned
  • Check employees' work schedules
  • View holiday allowances and balances
  • Make holiday requests
  • See who in their team has requested leave and who's off
  • Submit a sick notification
  • Complete a return-to-work form after sick leave
  • See employees' sickness records
  • Make a training request (CPD)
  • Complete their performance review (PDR)

How Will It Help Me?

Loop HR software takes the pain out of managing salon employment-related tasks.

As a salon owner or manager, you will be able to:

  • Manage employee profiles and store data in one secure place.
  • Pick from five different salon pay and commission structures.
  • Calculate employee service and retail targets.
  • Process payroll in minutes, not hours.
  • Create a positive work culture with improved employee engagement.
  • Have peace of mind that your HR functions are managed & in one place.
  • Be super organised and save hours of administration time. 

Salon Management Software To Save Time, Money & Effort

Whether you’re scheduling salon rotas, calculating holiday allowances or analysing the team’s performance, our reports give you the information you need to grow your business.

Easy to access on the go, our real-time information and reports help you nurture and manage your most valuable asset - your team.

Save time and stress by keeping track of what’s working and where there’s room for improvement, anytime from anywhere.  Peace of mind is knowing your HR management systems are safe, secure and all in one place.

Easy Human Resources Software For Salons - Loop HR

Financial Reporting For Salons

Loop HR contains a range of reports to help you quickly identify key information relating to individual and business performance.  These unique dynamic reports help you and your salon team track essential information - all presented in an easy-to-read format. You can view and check:

  • Employee sales against targets.
  • Employee KPI reporting.
  • Quarterly progress performance.
  • Financial reporting for the salon with period and year-end comparisons.
  • Payroll reports which calculate commissions, bonuses, overtime, holiday commissions & deductions.
  • Salaries versus costs per employee.
  • National Minimum and Living Wage compliance.

Keep your team engaged and interested in salon life

43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week compared to only 18% of employees with low engagement – Towers Watson

Centralised Reporting

Keep your team on track:  Forget juggling salon rotas on spreadsheets and pinning them to the staff room notice board. Loop HR loves the tasks you hate! Quickly organise work rotas, assign paid tasks, and manage overtime on a centralised calendar which can be easily viewed by everyone on any mobile device, from home or in-salon.

Pay, commissions and targets:  Set pay levels and targets for sales and retail commissions and bonuses. View individual and team data at the click of a button.

Payroll reports at your fingertips: Time and attendance work schedules feed directly into the Loop HR payroll reporting system. This means you can easily review and approve paid hours, and view commissions, bonuses, overtime, deductions and holiday commissions before sending your payroll report to your payroll provider.

Easy To Use Loop HR Employee Management Software For Hair & Beauty Salons
Manage Salon Absences With Loop HR Software

Holiday & Absence Reports

Salon employee holidays can be difficult to manage as there are many elements to consider that normal holiday management software cannot cope with.  Loop HR management software doesn't have this problem as our management systems are specifically designed for salons. With Loop HR, you can easily calculate and manage annual leave for all salon employees.

Employees can create sick notifications on our HR management system. The notification will feed through to employee sickness records, schedules and reports for payroll and compliance. Our reports ensure you can quickly identify negative absence trends and tackle the root cause before it’s too late.

Continual Professional Development Made Easy 

Education and training is an essential part of your staff development. Our interactive process is easy to use.  The system automatically creates a record of the personal development activities and the investment. Managers can see a report of all activities for the year, individually, by team or for the whole salon.  There are two simple steps for an employee to gain access to a training course as part of their CPD:

Step 1:  Employee makes online request

Step 2: Manager approves or declines this request

If approved, the employee is asked to agree to any T&Cs. Once complete, the employee uploads their certificate to their profile.

Best online system for human resources in salons

Grow Salon Sales With Loop HR

Loop HR uses dynamic targets (generated automatically) combined with easy-to-enter sales figures.  Employees clearly understand their goals, what they need to do to achieve them and how to boost their commissions and bonuses. 

Loop HR helps managers to set personal and team goals, track performance, incentivise their team, and accelerate sales, helping employees to improve performance. 

Team members can log into their employee portal to:

  • View their work schedules and hours.
  • View their sales targets, service and retail sales performances.
  • See service and retail commissions and bonuses earned.
  • View the team bonus dashboard.
  • See holiday allowances and requests.
  • View sickness records and manage sick leave requests.
  • Make training requests (CPD).
  • Manage their personal professional development (PRD).