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Loop HR, The Best HR System For Hair & Beauty Salons

Designed to empower salon owners and their teams to work better together!

At Loop HR, we're all about the people who make salons thrive and the processes that make things work! With salons across the UK, Europe, and beyond, our goal is simple, to help salon managers be the best manager they can be.

Incorporating a wealth of salon management and leadership knowledge, our human resource strategies serve the entire salon team. Beyond the software, we offer a range of support options ensuring you, and your team, have the best tools to prosper and grow.

Transform Your Salon HR Systems!

When you subscribe to Loop HR, free support is included to help you setup and run your salon systems efficiently. For those who want a more focused, or ongoing support, we offer advanced support options with salon management expert Ian Egerton.

Enjoy private, one-on-one remote support to suit your management needs:

  • Join Loop HR Club and get dedicated support and access to monthly events for just £97 per month. FIND OUT MORE
  • Not in the Club and just need an extra pair of eyes or expert advice on salon management for an hour? Get On Demand Management Support for just £280.  FIND OUT MORE
  • The fastest way to Transform Your Salon HR Systems, is combine the power of Loop HR and the salon management expertise of Ian Egerton, in this one month bespoke programme £3000 FIND OUT MORE

What Is It?

Loop HR is the number one salon HR software specially designed for the hair and beauty professionals. With specialist features and permissions based security, managers can have a complete overview of all HR systems and can easily update and share information with their team.

Employees can access their dedicated, secure employee portal, ensuring they have the tools they need to track performance, develop skills and feel rewarded for the work they do. Employees can:

  • Track personal and team service and retail goals.
  • Track bonuses and commissions earned.
  • Check and manage work schedules.
  • Track time and attendance.
  • View holiday allowances and self-serve requests.
  • Track their own holiday balances.
  • See who in their team. 
  • Manage sick leave and track absences records.
  • Submit their return-to-work forms following sick leave.
  • Manage skills and personal development training with CPD.
  • Self-serve and managed performance management using PDR.

How Will It Help Me?

Loop HR is the salon staff management software to solve your salon management issues.

As a salon owner or manager (relative to permission settings) you will be able to:

  • Manage employee profiles and store data in one secure place.
  • Use the best salon pay and commission structures for your business.
  • Auto-calculate employee service and retail targets.
  • Auto-calculate holiday allowances and track balances.
  • Auto-calculate starter and leaver pay and holiday allowances.
  • Collate and process payroll in minutes, not hours.
  • Offer in-house and external training, share materials and track every detail.
  • Manage employee performance through various tools including PDR.
  • Create a positive work culture with improved employee engagement.
  • Have peace of mind that your HR functions are managed and in one place.
  • Be super organised and save hours of administration time. 

Trusted Salon Management Software To Save Time, Money & Effort

Whether you’re looking for salon commission advice, how to calculate salon holidays or create salon receptionist bonuses, our salon HR software will give you the tools you need to manage your team efficiently.

Easy to read and quick to access, salon staff management systems help you manage and nurture your most valuable asset, your people.

Trust is paramount when it comes to Loop HR software. Our system ensures accurate payroll figures, guarantees secure data management, and fosters positive relationships between head office and your salon team.

Easy Human Resources Software For Salons - Loop HR

Financial Reporting For Salons

We believe there is more to reporting than numbers!  At Loop HR we offer a unique range of reports to help you quickly identify key information relating to individual and business performance - all presented in an easy-to-read format:

  • Employee sales against targets.
  • Employee KPI reporting.
  • Quarterly progress performance.
  • Financial reporting for the salon with period and year-end comparisons.
  • Snapshot employee sales data reporting over any given year.
  • Payroll reports which calculate commissions, bonuses, overtime, holiday commissions & deductions.
  • Salaries versus costs per employee.
  • National Minimum and Living Wage compliance reporting.
  • Track pay increases.

Loop HR helps retain salon team members

43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week compared to only 18% of employees with low engagement – Towers Watson

Centralised Reporting

Time and attendance:  No more juggling salon rotas on spreadsheets or pinning them to the staff room wall. Quickly organise salon schedules, manage overtime and track absences all on a centralised calendar which can easily be viewed by all salon employees on any device, from any location with internet connection.

Salon pay, commissions, bonuses and salon targets:  See how to build a salon pay system, choose from five different salon pay structures, set pay levels, assign targets. Create team and individual bonuses all carefully designed to drive salon sales.

Fast, efficient salon payroll reporting: Loop HR instantly organises payroll data, time and attendance, work schedules, service sales commissions, retail commissions, salon bonuses, and employee holiday commissions. Enabling you to process payroll within minutes, not hours, and quickly send reports to your payroll provider.

Easy To Use Loop HR Employee Management Software For Hair & Beauty Salons
Manage Salon Absences With Loop HR Software

Easily Manage Salon Staff Holidays & Sickness

It just got easier to manage salon staff holidays! With Loop HR you can calculate pro-rata allowances for starters and leavers, calculate holiday commission payments, record and report balances for every team member. Employees self-serve holidays meaning they’ll never need to ask for their holiday allowance or balance, and they can see who’s off before requesting leave all from their handy dashboard. Discover more about salon holiday management here.

Discover how to manage salon staff sickness & absenteeism with our super easy self-serve sickness management software. Salon staff sick notifications feed directly to sickness records, schedules, payroll reporting and alerts go to managers. Meaning you don’t need to do anything, it’s all done for you, even the return-to-work form is automatically sent to the employee to complete, and you are simply notified when it’s done! The sickness dashboard tells you all the statistics to manage salon staff sickness efficiently and fairly.

How To Manage Staff Training

In the fast-moving world of skill development, keeping your team upskilled and motivated is essential to retain staff and increase profits. The cost of losing a skilled salon team member can be devastating to a business - which is why we have created Loop HR CPD, an interactive tool that allows you to offer training, record every detail, and include your training terms and conditions for all primary CPD events. With Loop HR CPD you can

  • Offer a training opportunities to any team member for In-house or External training.
  • Allow employees to request training opportunities.
  • Set and manage training budgets are all from within Loop HR salon software.

Discover more about managing salon staff training and CPD.

Best online system for human resources in salons

Grow Salon Sales With Loop HR

As a salon owner, it is essential to give your team the tools and guidance they need to be successful. With Loop HR supporting your business, your team will have everything they need to access essential information, helping them clearly understand their goals and know what they need to do to achieve them.

Log into the employee portal to:

  • View work schedules and hours.
  • View sales targets, service and retail sales performances.
  • See service and retail commissions and bonuses earned.
  • View the team bonus dashboard.
  • Track holiday allowances and make leave requests.
  • Self-serve sick leave requests and return to work forms, view absenteeism analysis.
  • Track skill development, review previous training, access training resources and make training requests (CPD).
  • Track and manage performance development and complete performance reviews (PDR).
  • Access company policies and procedures, company handbook, sign contracts and more.

Loop HR offers significant value to every salon with five or more employees, not only you as the business owner but also your managers and employees. Discover more book a Dscovery Call.