Performance Development Reviews For Salons

Performance Management and Staff Retention All in One!

Salon employee performance reviews form a vital part of employee engagement, education and retention.

The success of a performance review will depend on three important factors: One, success hinges on preparation, there is no room for shortcuts. Two, engagement is the catalyst for employee growth. And three, presentation and ease of delivery make or break the review.

To help salon managers deliver the perfect salon employee performance reviews we have created the best PDR system for you and your team.

Salon Performance Review PDR Software Loop HR

What Is It?

Loop HR is the best salon HR management software for managers and employees alike! Our systems streamline everyday salon management tasks and foster stronger working relationships.

With Loop HR Salon Performance Development Review (PDR) systems, you can expect:

  • Exceptional performance management tools.
  • Accountability, feedback and recognition integrated into the PDR process.
  • Focused salon strategies for employee engagement and reward.
  • Inspirational performance review templates that go beyond the numbers!

How Will It Help Me?

Planning, running and recording performance reviews just got easier! Loop HR simplifies the entire performance review process, with tools to:

  • Easily prepare multiple PDR templates.
  • Easy scheduling for both in-person and remote reviews.
  • Pre-meeting share employee self-assessment forms.
  • Automated review reminders.
  • Customise performance review cycles.
  • On-demand ad-hoc performance reviews.
  • Flexible 2, 3, 4 or 5 step review options.
  • Improved team communication.
  • Secure storage and management of all PDR data.
Loop HR Software For Salons, Spas & Clinics

How To Run a Successful Performance Review

Tips for Improving Salon Staff Performance with Loop HR software.

  • Review Structure: Define whether it's an in-person or remote review. If in-person, choose a quiet, distraction-free location. Consider your delivery style and environment.
  • Preparation Is Key: Gather data and compare agreed tasks and goals that bring value to the worker and the business. Share results with the employee, allowing their input.
  • Give Time to Respond: Begin the self-assessment process ahead of the meeting and provide at least 3 days for the employee to respond.
  • Ask Clear Questions: Include a variety of topics in your questions, such as soft skills, teamwork, technical skills, and KPIs. Allow employees to showcase their strengths.
  • Provide Clear Feedback: Explain what the employee needs to do and how to do it to achieve their goals.
  • End Positively: Reach a consensus on the review and the actions to take. If there are disagreements, address each point until full agreement is reached.
  • Record a Summary: Document a meeting summary as a guide for the employee and as a starting point for the next review.

Explore Loop HR Performance Reviews as part of our Pro Plan, starting at just £69 per month for up to 10 users.

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