Admin & Manager Controls

Salon HR Software Roles & Responsibilities 

Most salons do not have a dedicated HR officer or department. However, with Loop HR software, you can manage many tasks efficiently. Loop HR provides structure and gives salon managers and office admins the ability to meet their HR and administration responsibilities.

We recommend identifying job roles and responsibilities, assigning tasks, and giving people specific permissions within Loop HR to carry out their tasks efficiently, whilst keeping a record of all actions taken. Responsibilities may include managing employee relations, handling disputes and grievances, and ensuring compliance with employment laws. 

Loop HR is here to help. Our HR Management System is designed specifically for salons, with everything accessible in one place to help make your life easier. 



What Is It?

Loop HR software allows salon owners and managers to manage business tasks and employment responsibilities quickly and easily.  All the HR functions you need are available with special areas specifically for managers, authorised admin personnel and employees. 

  • Manager settings allow managers to:
    • Manage their own team
    • Manage specific elements (such as holidays)
  • Set Admin users with full access rights across your entire HR platform.
  • Set Custom settings to allow access to bespoke settings (e.g. senior front of house to manage schedules.)
  • Set your salon HR systems to maximise user performance.

How Will It Help Me?

Loop HR software settings allow salon owners and authorised managers to assign tasks to key team members in a secure and professional manner. You will be able to:

  • Delegate specific responsibilities to key team members.
  • Track actions taken by administrators and managers.
  • Save hours of time and reduce stress!

Key Responsibilities Of HR & Admin Managers

Recruitment and Hiring: 

  • Overseeing recruitment.
  • Onboarding new team members.
  • Managing employee and business data.

Employee Relations: 

  • Engaging with team members to ensure they are on track with their goals.
  • Managing employee engagement programs and team activities.
  • Managing talent and professional development.

Back-Office Function:

  • Managing schedules, sick leave, absences, and holidays.
  • Ensuring compliance with protocols, addressing concerns, and recording outcomes.
  • Maintaining and communicating company policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring health and safety. 

Payroll and Benefits: 

  • Setting employee targets, pay, incentives, and employee benefits.
  • Maintaining employee pay and incentive packages.
  • Preparing payroll figures. 

Welcoming New Team Members

An important role for the salon manager is to onboard new employees.  Loop HR covers everything you will need from work rotas, commission structures, pay & holiday allowances to bank details, emergency contacts and health & wellbeing notes. New recruits will be given an online employee profile so they can see: 

  • Relevant company documents and contracts for review and/or signature.
  • Expectations on targets, commissions and bonuses.
  • How they can track their progress and request holiday leave.

As a manager, you will save time and have peace of mind knowing that the information you are sharing is legally up-to-date and GDPR compliant.  


Smarter HR Systems For Salons

With so many things to consider, you do not want to overlook anything when onboarding a new team member.  Loop HR software makes sure you stay on track with an online induction checklist which ensures you have covered every detail. Employment law is complex so use this list to check:

  • GDPR data management statements.
  • Health & safety.
  • Keyholder policy.
  • Contractual documentation.
  • Employee handbook and training policies.
  • Uniform issued.

Want to add more? Our induction checklist is fully editable letting you tailor it to your hair, beauty or barber business.

Loop HR User Testimonials

“Loop HR is the 8th wonder of the world. It manages all the back-office tasks and keeps everyone in the loop!” 

- John Roads, Gatsby & Miller

“Loop HR is awesome. It saves us hours of time with so many great features. It just does stuff!” 

- Melissa Harris, HR & Office Manager, Gina Conway Salons

“We were spending at least 3 days processing wages and commission. With the help of Loop HR, that has now been reduced to 2 hours. For us, that’s incredible!"

- Barrie Stephen, Barrie Stephen Salon Group